Nylon Magazine Editor’s Picks: 8 Practical Gifts to make Mum more tech-savvy this Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is upon us again. You’re probably still in time to book a table at a decent restaurant, but if you want to get Mum a gift as well — if we’ve learned anything from the pandemic and lockdowns, it’s to invest in practical things. Here are some of the best gadgets to make Mum’s life better.


7. VAGO FRESH Bag and Box Combo Set

Whether she cooks or not, your Mum is going to appreciate this vacuum seal box set. This is the world’s smallest food vacuum sealing system that is super easy to use, and will extend the life of any food you put in the fridge (or even leave outside). The bags and boxes seal air tight and without any leakage, and the bags can be heated in water, which facilitates cooking (they can withstand temperatures up to 100ºC).